Hollow Clay Ring

It’s been about two years since my last ceramics class and I just started back up with it this semester. I’ve been practicing a lot on the wheel and, believe it or not, looking up YouTube videos to find new techniques. I happened upon a video where a potter threw a hollow ring of clay on the wheel and turned it into a vessel. I watched the video a couple of times before trying it out myself but it looked fairly easy. I happened to get right on my first try! And it was actually a lot of fun to make.

Once the ring was done I had to wait for it to get leather hard in order to trim the other side of the ring. After that it was just about setting it up on a base and decorating it. I wanted it to be able to hold a liquid and have a lip to pour. I made the spout look like a flower and the handle is really the ring itself but I added a leaf for support. I really like how this piece is coming along and I can’t wait to share it when it’s glazed. I also started making another one to give to my mom for Mother’s Day and I made it lightly bigger. So I’ll also be sharing that when it’s finished!