Student Spotlight: Maya Policare

Name:  Maya Policaremaya

Major: Art Therapy

Graduation Year: 2021

Why are you majoring in art? Well, I’m majoring art therapy because it’s a combination of two things that truly give me solace, studying people, human behaviors and the brain. And making art, which has always been a form of comfort since I was in elementary school. Art therapy is meant to help people heal with different artistic activities, and since art and psychology have helped me, I want to give to others what I was blessed with.

What inspires you? People helping others and seeing the good in the world. There’s a lot of terrible things happening in the world..and I feel like the negativity can overshadow what we’ve improved on or done better. Seeing those “rare” times when people help the poor, or animals, standing up for what’s true/right, just little acts of kindness. They keep showing me that the world ain’t so bad if we all pitch in to help, and that’s inspiring me to do the same

What has been your favorite class? Probably Art history because omg I love learning about the renaissance paintings and watching art grow and evolve from something more than just “religion” and just knowing the name of a famous painting is one of the best feelings ever!!

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done at Marywood? Gone to some of the fun clubs! It gives me a break from all the work I’ve been doing.  The clubs I am involved in are Art History club, Volunteer club, BFLF, DnD!


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