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Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to paint whatever my little heart desired in my Painting II course because unfortunately the model was feeling under the weather and could not make it in. At first I was quite bummed but I am glad I had the time to paint for myself. I have not had the time to really do this since the summer. This past summer I found myself painting quite a bit more than usual. I never really had a strong interest in painting but my perspectives changed after I experimented a little bit. I truly enjoyed my time spent with the canvases experimenting with application, subject matter, and color.

I experimented with both acrylic and oil paint but really grew fond of the oil paint again. I loved what I could create with the oil paint especially the textures. As I continued to paint I found myself working with impasto, which is a painting technique where one layers paint thickly having the paint really stand out off of the canvas.

When it came to subject, I would simply dive right into it. I would paint from my mind and heart, I rarely ever painted from what was right in front of me, which I typically have to do in my painting studio courses. Do not get me wrong, I do appreciate and enjoy painting from the still life and/or model but for me creating the image I see from my mind and heart pushes and inspires me. I truly enjoy what I would call “just doing”, I simply go with what I am feeling and paint away. I love getting lost in the process; that is what I feel to be the most important aspect of anything I create.

When it came to color, I really focused on how I would arrange it in order to create shape. It amazes me how arranging color can create shape and images that can be identified.

What really satisfies the most with my painting experiments is my growth. I can see a change from my first painting class up until now. I am discovering who I am as a painter. I discovered a style that I feel suits me and I could not be any happier!

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