A friend of my mother’s has asked me to create a large drawing for her of Santa based on of a drawing I did for a Christmas card about three years ago. Trying to fit a commissioned piece into my schedule right now is tough but the money will be good. Usually I don’t make art just for the money but it’s nice to know that I can do it if I choose. So this is not something I am very excited about because I have restrictions that I must follow. Its not easy trying to please someone else. I have a hard time pleasing myself!

The first sketch I sent to her was apparently not anything she had in mind. Well okay no problem I redid it and sent her another one. The second sketch I sent she was happy with. She had a few critiques for me but overall it was what she was looking for. Thankfully some teachers of mine have really helped me mentally deal with this process of commissioned work. She wants it finished, framed, and hung in her home by the day after Thanksgiving. So hopefully I can make this happen! Wish me Luck!

This is the drawing I made about three years ago that I’m trying to recreate with some other requests of the commissioners.


Santa Claus spotted with a cookie


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