A Farewell

Hello everyone,

I am sad to say that, due to some personal priorities I must take care of for the foreseeable future, this will be my last post. I hope you all enjoyed me on this journey and I am proud to have been a part of Where Creativity Works these past few months.

But on a brighter note, I can say I’ve made a lot of progress with my art. I would say ever since my first post on here, I have been documenting my personal struggle with oil paint. However, I now feel very confident in my painting skills now compared to a month ago, much less 6 months prior when I had just started blogging.

A simple study of a peach

How did I improve? Well a part of it was improving all my other skills. Each medium reinforces the others so my plein air watercolors improved my colors and values. my draftsmanship and digital work improved my forms and brush strokes and my graphic design classes helped me see shapes a different way which is reflective in how I use space in this study.

Sketch of the Week

My last sketch for the week is really reflecting my personality and creativity as apposed to the more realistic approach I usually take. Being an illustrator is an important part of me as a designer, and person in general, and illustration is mostly an expression in style. Hopefully I could convert this into a computer graphic or apply it in some way to my design work as the summer progresses.

Again, thank you all for all your support. I am glad to have entertained you all week by week and I hope you all continue to enjoy the team here at Where Creativity Works!

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