Through the Cracks

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a good week! This week I’m going to share some photographs I took while helping my mom in the hay mound of the barn on her farm.

The hay mound is on top of where they animals live. It holds hay, grain, and other supplies in our case. My mom needed my help looking for a spray for her horses so I went inside the hay mound to help look for it, but I wasn’t much of a help because I got distracted easily.

I got distracted by the holes and cracks in the wall opposite of the big sliding doors. I looked out each crack to see what there was out there. I was intrigued by the results and decided to pull out my phone and take pictures from the holes and cracks that I could reach! Some had the same view point but others did not. When they had the same view point I moved my phone a little left and a little right to see if I could expand what the camera could photograph.

I didn’t look at the photographs until I was done taking the pictures because I was on a stack of hay bales that has been there for a couple of years. Year old hay isn’t exactly the sturdiest thing on the planet, so I didn’t want to extend my time standing on the bales.

Once I was at the bottom of the hay stack I finally looked at the photographs that I took. I was very surprised with how they came out. Some of them had the wood on each side of the photograph and others didn’t. In some cases it even abstracted what you were looking at becuase it was hard to tell from the view point they were taken at.

I took photographs in ten holes and cracks, but not all the photographs came out because I had to much of the board in the photograph for my liking. Here are some of the photographs that I was able to capture!

I want to go back and take some photos with my camera, I just have to get over my fear that the hay stack is going to fall down!

That’s all for this week! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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