Outdoorsman Magazine Covers

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and all it provides. Whether it be camping, hiking, fishing, or just being in nature, it is a new experience every time. I am a very big fan of the older illustrators/illustrations and the overall style. Combining these two, you get a certain aspect of it’s history that is a hidden gem.

There were quite a few magazines for the outdoorsman that captures the outdoors in wonderful illustrations. A few being Field & StreamOutdoor LifeHunting and Fishing, and Sports Afield. These covers are outstandingly done and show an aspect of life that many pursue that has not changed much. Although many of the covers are idealized, it shows the enjoyment that one has, and can have, in the great outdoors.

I have been studying these and am being inspired to attempt something more realistic aside from my caricature trend…Below are a few examples of these hidden pieces of art.

Field and Stream mag
Field & Stream Magazine, April 1969 – Cannot Make out Artist Name
Outdoor Life Magazine, February 1960 – John Styga
Sports Afield Magazine, July 1960 – John W. Scott
Hunting and Fishing Magazine, March 1930




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