A.I. Paintings

Anyone who has read my posts before knows I find a lot of my material on social media. Social media has made art much more accessible. We’ve seen art being used to promote social change, express emotions, and explore new styles or skills. One of my favorite benefits of seeing the art world explode on social media is how it has reached people who might not consider themselves artists. While art can and often is a technical skill, it can be just as valuable as a form of entertainment. I’ve seen a bunch of art trends over the past year or so, especially on Tik Tok. Most recently, I’ve been seeing people using AI software to create paintings based on songs, quotes, and phrases.

It’s certainly debatable if this could be considered “art”. Many would say it is not, especially if they are using someone else’s software. However, I would say that they are missing the point. How amazing is it that people are thinking so creatively? Isn’t it incredible that people feel such deep connections with music and literature that they want to see it in a visual form? Isn’t that art within itself? Defining art is difficult, but to me, art is anything that can make you feel something. In the age of so much new technology, I think it is phenomenal to see how art can take on so many different forms, and it is so inspiring. The best way for the art world to keep moving is to challenge how we think about the world. Using paint is art, as is using a stylus on a tablet. But art does not have to be tangible. Falling in love with the world’s colors and themes, finding beauty in words and symphonies, and making connections with others: its all art! Art is what you make of it: so yes, this trend is art – and the results are amazing.

“The best way for the art world to keep moving is to challenge how we think about the world.”

–Jillian Carroll

These Tik Tok users were inspired by different things of importance in their lives. Many people who took part in this trend were inspired by their favorite songs (especially Harry Styles). Many others found inspiration in movie characters, quotes, or their astrological signs. Regardless of their inspiration, each person picked something that was important to them. This trend offers a way to look in on yourself and discover the deepest parts of who you are. Art is an excellent tool to express those parts of yourself, to create work with true meaning and deep thought; it’s certainly my favorite kind of art to do.

Long Island's Own Are Smiling

I was inspired to participate in the trend, too. I decided to input a lyric from Jon Bellion’s “New York Soul – Pt. ii”. The lyric is “Long Island’s own are smiling cause my soul is fine.” A few years ago a friend of mine passed away, and this lyric really resonated with me, like it was a message from him, especially considering we’re both from Long Island. Since then, it has been one of my favorite lyrics, so it was the first thing that came to mind. I use the app WOMBO Dream, and I tried out the different styles to get a bunch of different images (some of which I included in the featured images at the top, but this one was my favorite. I loved the sunset reflecting on the water, and the liveliness of he land forms. My favorite part is that it is unclear where the ocean ends and the sky begins, which feels like a metaphor for the physical world and the afterlife. Maybe those who have passed are still with us in some way. I like to think so.

A.I. art allows you to decide your own meaning. With the words you input, you can visually see how your values can be interpreted, and find hidden meanings within the images that the computer wouldn’t have known. It allows you to project your ideas and emotions in a brand new way. Art is all about finding it where it dwells, and I think this is an excellent tool to do so in a unique way.

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