A Look into the Future

I had my first week of classes these past couple of days and I would say it was great although slightly overwhelming. My long day this year is Tuesday in which I have 4 classes. I originally had Mondays and Fridays off but I decided last minute to add a ceramics class because as I’ve stated before, ceramics is my happy place. I’m so happy with my decision because in all honesty I was probably going to spend 6 hours a week in the ceramics studio anyways so now this way I’ll get credit for it.

We have our Art Therapy internship this semester and I’m excited while also nervous about it. We had our first class that correlates with our internship and it was very informative; we learned a lot pertaining to our futures. Our teacher for this course is a Marywood Graduate herself and I think that truly helped her to understand where we all are in our lives at this time. She was able to give us a better insight in to the future and what exactly that entails.

I feel as though the past 2 years we have been so focused on foundations and undergrad that we weren’t exactly told or we didn’t research what graduate school and on called for. We are now in our Junior year of college and are needing to think more about the future; we all knew a masters degree was required to practice art therapy but we learned that there is more to it than we ever thought. In addition to our graduate degrees we need supervised practicum hours as well as an art therapy clinical internship. Then there is also state and federal credential and licensure, I should look into more. These were just some of the things mentioned to simply keep in the back of our minds to know that they are there and more than likely part of our futures.

At the moment, though, I am just going to focus on my internship for this semester. We were sent an awesome list of so many different places that were options to internship at and we’re not even limited to those options, although there is more than enough variety on the list if you ask me. I am personally interested in multiple places and hope it is an option to rotate or scope them out some to get a feel for how art therapy is used there. There is a clay studio with an after school program, maybe I could work with teenagers there (yay clay!) There’s the VA Hospital which I would be very interested to see if war veterans is a population I’d enjoy working with in the future. Then there is another adolescents program I am interested in as well as some other options, so hopefully I will be able to narrow down my options soon. I can’t wait to see where this internship takes me.

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