First Friday

Last Friday was the exciting First Friday in Scranton! Like normal, downtown Scranton was crazy busy that Friday. An interesting exhibit that we went to was in the AFA Gallery.

New Mythologist had interesting pieces, free bumper stickers with Spider-Man and WWSMD paired with photos of a man wearing a spider mask posing next to photos of his sticker in various locations. The last artwork we looked at was a floor piece that looks like the first picture below then looking through 3D glasses with the left eye closed I saw the picture on the right.

It’s paired with a story that a young girl drowned in her neighbors swimming pool after Little Mermaid party. With the floor installation their was also the swimming pool stairs for the actual pool, or so we believed…

After viewing all the pieces, the swimming pool being last, we left and outside was a podium that you had to grab a slip of paper after viewing the exhibit. The slips of paper said that every part of the exhibition was false.

It goes to show that if you create art and create a news story people will believe it.

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