A New Kind Of Painting

Everyone is accustomed to painting, and many people having at least painted once in their life, be it in school or at home just messing around with a brush and paper. It is a rather normal thing in our society. However, a new kind of painting has been rising to the forefront on social media.

Paint Pours are entrancing and have been gaining quite a following on many sites, such as Tumblr and Instagram. However many people struggle when it comes to the pricing of these works. In order to create them it is believed that you would need a pouring medium which can be pretty pricey. Fortunately there are many alternatives as well, one such alternative being Treadmill lubricant which is only about eight dollars!

So if you have a spare canvas around and some acrylic paint get to work and make something new and beautiful! Plus, they look really nice when hung on a wall.

Picture Credit to @dirtypourcreations on Instagram.

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