Student Spotlight: Kait Evans

Hey all! Welcome back to Student Spotlight. Our spotlight is on Kait this week. A photography major who has found her niche in using old style photography, such as film.

MEET KAIT:Kait Evans

Name: Kait Evans, Class of  2019

Major: Photography

I am majoring in art because… I love what I do. My mom always told me do something that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I got a camera when I was 12 and ever since then I haven’t seen myself doing anything but taking pictures. It’s creative and fun and my mom was right. When I’m photographing I’m not working, I’m creating.

The kinds of things that inspire me are… photographing people and capturing their memories. When I photograph a wedding, I do it because I am stopping time for that day for those people. I take pictures of everything I can. Every moment, every smile. The small fleeting moments that the bride and groom miss because they are busy entertaining and enjoying the day. That’s what inspires me. Giving them their pictures and hearing them say “wow I didn’t even know that happened. I’m glad you were there”

My favorite class so far was… my first advertising class because it really taught me how to look at light. It taught me how to work with the light to create  something beautiful. It gave me a new perspective of all the things that I could do.

When I’m not in class… I’m taking pictures, reading, crocheting, or printing in my darkroom. I am an old soul I listen to records and search for vintage film cameras to buy and use. I have about 13 different cameras, most of them film. Some new and some dating back to the 50’s.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far is… I had the opportunity a couple years ago to meet holocaust survivors. I was able to meet a woman by the name of Manya Peril who survived through 8 concentration camps and escaped from a death march towards the end of the war. She was an amazing woman and she told me of her story and struggles. She was a twin and was used in the experiments. It was amazing to meet her and hear her story. Glad I was able to experience this once in a lifetime chance.

When I graduate… I plan to open my own studio. I’m working on repairing the building now so by the time I graduate it’ll be all ready to open. I also want to offer film because it’s becoming a lost medium and I want people to know it’s still around and beautiful.

I would recommend the Marywood art department because… it’s a great program and there are a lot of really great professors in the program. The professors are very nice and helpful. They really push you to do your best and to learn the most you can.


Thank you so much Kait for being a part of the Student Spotlight this week. Thank you for showing us that film photography, just as much as digital photography, is beautiful. You and your work are the epitome of “always listen to your mother!” Great work Kait and until next time laugh until your stomach hurts, try a new topping on your pizza and as always… stay inspired.

– Paige

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