A New Perspective

If you read my last blog post you know that I was in Washington for a couple days visiting my family. While I was at the airport in Pasco, WA I decided to walk around while I waited for my plane. Since it’s not a very big airport there were no chances of me getting lost.

On my walk, I came across unique and very interesting pieces of art by Rich Kimura. His work showed me that sometimes something simple and ordinary can be given new life if you look at it from a new perspective.

Kimura is a life-long Washington native who not only appreciates and showcases rare box labels but also the people who grow the food in the boxes through his art.

In this collection, Kimura uses vintage Eastern Washington apple and pear box labels to create the patterns in his designs.

The box labels are 65-100 years old and were made using early stone and screen lithographic processes and artristy. Design was heavily depended on to attract buyers.

You can find more information on Rich Kimura by going to his website.

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