The Design Drought

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone had a nice week! I know I did… Pennsylvania finally saw some sunshine! This week I struggled to find something to write about. I did not have any new projects to share, new color pallets, etc… So I decided to write about what a designer should do during a design drought. A Design drought in my mind is when you have not had any design work in over two weeks. As a designer, these times can be stressful and somewhat depressing.   Hopefully with the tips below I can help you find that sweet oasis is the drought,

  1. Design a project for fun

    This is so important. You need to design something for fun at least once a week, whether it is a simple business card or a make believe brand. Designing something completely free like that will allow your mind to open up. Most of the time my favorite things I create are not assigned projects.

  2. Post to Behance and Social Media

    A good way to get your self out there in the design world is to put some of your creations onto your social media accounts and Behance. These days society is a slave to social Media. If you’re not on social media you’re missing out on millions of opportunities. Someone may find your work on Behance or Social media and decide they like your work and style, which would possibly lead you to some work.

  3. Revise Old Projects

    I always believe there is room for improvement. I love going back to my older designs and updating them. I keep the original and use it as a side by side comparison to show my growth as a designer. A lot of times I will simply build off of the original completed project while other times I completely scrap it and start at the beginning!

Work will come when you least expect it, just wait it out. Before you know it you will be so busy with work you will wish for a chance to breath. I hope my tips can help you get through the tough times and help re light that artists flame. Happy Designing!

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