A New Tradition

This past semester, my class went on a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I personally loved the museum! I was able to see pieces that I studied in class. I was also able to see pieces from artists that I love, like Van Gogh and Monet.

Like most people, I went to the gift shop afterward to get something to remember my trip. I was going to buy a postcard, however, I saw an entire book of postcards. I thought it would be fun to give my mom one as a little gift. So, I bought the entire book.

Now, I didn’t need an entire book of postcards for two people. So I thought it would be nice to give them to other people. I decided to give one to my sister for her birthday. And as I was flipping through the book of postcards, I realized how much fun it was to re-look at the pieces and choose which piece I felt matched my sister’s personality.

And so, I started a new tradition. Since the trip, I have been carefully picking which postcard to give to my friends on their birthdays! It has been fun so far, and my friends and family appreciate the notes I write to them explaining why they received that postcard.

It might not be super extravagant, but it is a fun way to show them that I care about them, and also mix in my passion for art!

This is the very first postcard that I gave out, to my sister! She is a diva who loves clothing and shoes 🙂

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