A Photo A Day

Hello everyone! This week I am in the middle of a couple photography projects so I’ve decided to share more of my personal photographs with you. For my own photographs that I take I have both a Facebook page and an Instagram page where I share my work.

The title “A Photo A Day” is part of my New Year’s resolution. This year I challenged myself to post a picture a day for the whole year to share my work with others. I wanted to share my work this way for two reasons: One is that I don’t like to share my work with others because I’m afraid of failure, but at the same time I wanted to give my supports a glance of what I’ve been photographing, since many people I’ve talked to turn their heads when I tell them that I’m going to college and majoring in photography.

So far this year I have shared photographs that I have taken outside of my college classes and for my college classes. Many of my photographs that I take outside of class are of objects that you will find on a farm because that’s where I spend most of my time when I’m not in school. The objects include animals, barns, and tractors. I also take photographs of the places that I visit outside of my classes.

The photographs that I take for my classes include different setups in the photography studio on campus. In the studio I photograph still life set ups, portraits, reflective objects, and glass.

By sharing my photographs on both my Facebook page and my Instagram page I have gained more confidence as a photographer. My confidence has grown because I have realized that I have more people supporting me than I thought I had.

Here are some of the 50+ photographs I have shared on my pages this year. I hope you enjoy them!

That’s all for this week! I will talk to you all next time!

To see more of my photographs follow me on Facebook @Brianna Pensak Photography & Instagram @briannapensakphotography