Aiming for Higher Expectations

Hi Everyone!

Today we are looking at idioms. Y’know? “Early bird gets the worm”? “Go pound sand”? The things we say that mean nothing but get our feelings across perfectly. For my Intro to Graphic Design class, I had done, “Kill two birds with one stone”.

This was suppose to be more of a typographic project to illustrate how someone feels when they say the phrase but I had taken a comical approach.

This was meant as a print so pardon any conversion errors from CMYK on the web.

Sort of trying to get the reader to get a different feeling in regards to this idiom of course, which sort of goes against the idea of the project on my part. This semester has been a bit of a struggle for me to improve my standards as a Graphic Designer. Not following the guidelines exactly feels like I cheated myself of providing my product to clients but, I also understand my strong points and want them to shine so I can set myself apart others in my field.

This semester is going involve a lot of projects like this where I’ll have to fit my artistic knowledge into something more font or graphic oriented. But this is something that I don’t considered finished quite yet. I expect to try it again in photoshop as well to increase the quality and making improvements made by my peers that will allow me to still illustrate the same concept but in a more effective way.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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