A Powerful Prop

in preparation for the Release of the new TV show Ash vs the Evil Dead, last weekend I went back and re-watched the Evil Dead trilogy. Looking back on the movies a second time I began dissecting the sets. This time through I felt more interested in the craftsmanship of the practical effects.

The original movie, The Evil Dead released in 1981 and directed by Sam Raimi, by no means had a large budget, but working with that they had, the atmosphere that was created greatly attributes to the movie’s humorous, gory, and at times cheeky tone.

book of the dead

While I could sit here and praise the movie’s practical effects for how great they were and how timeless some of them remain, I’d like to talk about one prop in particular that spans the series. The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, also known as “Book of the Dead,” is the antagonistic object in the Evil Dead franchise.

The book is bound in human flesh and written in human blood. On top of that it is full of demonic summoning texts and once these passages are spoken the Deadites are on their way.

The illustrations in the Book of the Dead are very appropriate for the tone of the movie and the whole look of the book makes it recognizable and intimidating. Once its opened the scrawled text and graphic illustrations bring to life what is to expect from the film… a blood filled adventure with some crazy zombies.

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