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Week 11 Rant

It is getting cold out and I have to start wearing shoes instead of going barefoot. I love Pennsylvania but sometimes she tries to make me want to live in the tropics. But autumn here is a great time for photographers. All the great colors are out, though I miss wearing shorts and and the warmth of summer. Although when its summer and even my eyes are sweating I long for the cooler temperatures. I guess its great that I have something trivial to complain about. Ok, enough and on to my week I had at Marywood University. Another extremely busy week but the hard work I have done prior makes this week a little easier. I had a lot of shooting this week, and that makes me happy.

Marywood class update

Color Photography:
Portraits, portraits, and more portraits, so I finished up my portraits.

Editorial Portraits: The first sets of portraits are my Editorial portraits. I was calling them executive portraits; I probably should read the syllabus more. These are the kind you might see in a magazine about an executive or something.

Documentary Portraits: I chose to tell the story of a small homebuilder business.

Fine Art Portraits: Last week you saw Emma in my portraits. This week you see Liz, and the blond haired girl is grumpy cat Meaghan, my photo buddy. You can see how happy she is to be in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Advertising Photography:
Class was canceled so we will have our critique on jewelry next week. GET BETTER PETE!

Intaglio Print Making:
We started our big dry point. This is going to take a couple weeks so nothing to report here yet.

Until next week!

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