Design is Different for Everyone

I don’t have anything too fun to report this week because I have been using my time to write my paper and get caught up on my projects. I really need to be working hard because next week I will be blogging from PARIS. Yep, I am going to be meeting one of my best friends from Marywood who is studying abroad in Rome right now. I couldn’t be more excited!

But, until then it is work, work, work. One of the many things I have to work on is my sketchbook for my design class. Now, for the class a lot of the grade is to take the material we do in class and then put it into a sketchbook and do further reading, researching, and testing on the subject. Although it sounded kind of cool when I just wrote it like that, when we received the assignment I was less than thrilled. You see, I am terrible at keeping sketchbooks and journals. I have tried and tried but whenever I need to do something daily, it never happens that way. This is something that I have been struggling with throughout college. Because of this mentality, I have also realized that I will never be a 100-day-project person. This statement I actually did write in my journal!

There are plenty of things that I do on a daily basis, so why can’t keeping a sketchbook be one of them? Why do I have to force myself to do it? What does this mean for me as a graphic designer? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to any of these questions! I’ve done a lot of reflection on the matter and I still can’t figure it out. I guess the positive thing I have to say about it is if you are also one of these people, you are not alone! Everyone does things differently! That’s the cool thing about being an artist. I think there is a way to have a sketchbook make sense for me; I probably just need to find something that fits with my personality.

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