A Sketchbook

My sketchbook

Art is my salvation. To escape from my worries and pain I simply open my sketchpad and draw my feelings away. No matter what they are, my sketchpad is there to listen. It does not judge nor discourage me, but accepts me as the individual I am. It allows me to realize my talents, uniqueness, and potential. When I return to a page in my sketchpad, my emotions are brought to the surface and I come a step closer to reaching self-actualization.

Your sketchbook

A sketchpad may be your journal, that you may confide in and express yourself to. Sketches and entries are highly personal and can be kept hidden from the world around you. A sketchbook is meant to be made yours and not for anyone to judge. Art is therapeutic and has the capability to relieve stress, boost confidence, be expressive and so much more. The entries made in it can be anything one desires, examples including beautiful artworks, ideas, poems, quotes, scribbles, thoughts, and photos. It’s your sketchbook so make is unique and meaningful.

Some of my sketches

A sketch can be anything you want. It doesn’t have to look good, it just helps to make you feel good. How do art sketchbooks and journals affect you? Leave your comments and questions below.

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