Summer Fun

Summertime is almost here! (Well, at least for us college kids) And what does that mean for any student? No school and no homework. For three glorious months, we don’t have to worry about anything but sleep and sunshine! Soak it all up while you can, right? I know I definitely will!

But summer isn’t just a time for fun. You should try to use all of it to your advantage (not only the catching up on sleep advantage either). The summer of my freshman year at college I did nothing and I regretted it, believe it or not. While I was lounging around tanning all day, others in my class were upping their graphic design game preparing to leave me in the dust. I vowed never to make that mistake again.

Since summer means no schoolwork, focus on the work you actually want to do. Which for me means graphic design. I can create anything under the sun with no restrictions or guidelines and so can you!

This doesn’t mean spend all day inside on the computer, obviously. But for a few hours a week, or even when inspiration strikes, just work on your skills and don’t let yourself get sloppy! Just like you forget all a classes information after the final, you forget some simple things in Illustrator when out of commission for months at a time.

So enjoy your summer and stay creative!

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