Sniffing Out the Light

Very busy time here at Marywood, all the art projects, the papers, and the finals filling up our valuable time. It seems I am always less worried about the finals than I am about the projects being due. Projects are fun, but sometimes can be stressful. It runs down to how much time you have, and trying to plan events around all that is going on for a Light Jedi in finals. But the great thing about photography is that when I am shooting for my final projects it always helps me to not be a stressed out basket case. My problem is estimating time it takes to do projects. I figure I can just run out and take a few photographs and be good to go! Wrong again!

Street photography and trying to get my subject’s to do what I want them to do is the hard part, especially because I don’t talk to them. I want my subjects to be as candid as possible, so I have a lot of waiting for the right time to snap off a few photographs. One of the key lessons I learned is to “sniff out” a photograph. I know what you are thinking; that I have lost my mind again. Well if you look around, and can see things and how they would look in a photograph. That’s is one of the two hard parts of getting it right. The other hard part is to use your “light Jedi mind tricks” to get your subjects in the frame and to be doing something other than just looking at their phone. The easy part is just waiting for it to happen, and that is where my time seems to go. Sniff away young Jedi!


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