A Special Gift

Hello everyone! This week I want to tell you about how I created this painting. I wanted to create something special for my brother and sister-in-law that tells their story of their relationship. I started by thinking about their relationship about what they like to do together. Some of their favorites things to do together is going to the beach, going to local breweries, and going to Penn State sporting events.

Each part of the painting represents my brother and sister-in-law. The painting starts off with the label created just for them, it was inspired by where they got engaged, which is in the the arboretum at Penn State. Next is the beach, where they created many memories and a new one by getting married on Myrtle Beach. After the beach comes the bottle or growler. The growler represents all the breweries that they have been to together and it also represents their reception at the Appalachian Brewing Company where they celebrated with friends and family. Lastly comes the sunflowers which are very important to the painting and to the couple. Sunflowers represent adoration, longevity, and loyalty.

When the painting was finished, my brother and sister-in-law decided that they wanted to show their families. It was put on display during the reception and my brother typed up a description of what the painting means to them. I was very happy to know that they were able to see the connections to everything in the painting. I know that Justin and Becca both appreciate it.

To create this painting I had to use a lot of references because I wasn’t able to visit the locations and take pictures myself. I did my best to come up with my own vision to create a one of a kind painting. I got my references from Pixabay and by using google. These are the links to the pictures that I got inspiration from.





https://creativemarket.com/Gladkov/1522157-beach-and-sea ( I paid for a liscence)