Seeing Growth

I have always loved painting the faces of older people. I know it sounds a little weird, but the details of the wrinkles and the personality they add to the face make them really interesting to me. I have painted a few in the past, and this week I painted another with big glasses and curly while hair.

While I was working on it I realized that some aspects of the painting, like the glasses and hair, were very similar to a painting I did in march of 2018. When I finished the painting I put the two next to each other to see what a difference the past year and a half has made on my work.

I was shocked by the comparison. The main difference is that I have learned to be a little more subtle and realistic with the skin tones, this I believe is most likely a result of my painting l class. Another difference is that I no longer shy away from painting teeth. For a long time I only painted closed mouths because I was afraid of painting smiles, and in the most recent painting I did not hesitate to show the teeth.

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