A Tiny Clay Horse

Hello, if we are sharing.. It has been an unusually bad week for bad dreams. I don’t get too invested in trying to dissect my dreams (as far as I am aware they are only moving pictures to keep my brain in a semi-state of alertness overnight) but nonetheless the imagery of unyielding storms or my pets running away doesn’t set me up for a great morning. So I wanted to play! Just make something fanciful and whimsical, that is still true to my work but is something small just for me.

I sat down in my studio for several hours of hunting down random art supplies that I know I have seen recently, right? After much searching, not finding, and improvising, I started to stumbled by some found materials I had been saving: some scrap wire and wood, bits of string, and some air dry clay that I had purchased for a past project (without knowing how long it took to harden). I set out to have fun and find something relaxing to pour myself into for a while.

This little horse is a work in progress, he still needs a head and to be painted, but I’m happy with my work so far-

Once I had put the work into this little fella’s mane, I wanted to balance him out a little and give him a fuller tail. Initially, I hoped to make a more magical looking creature with a silly tail to match the feel of the weird tree, but I liked how the color of the embroidery string looked with his legs (old house wires) so I wanted to see it elsewhere on the figure.

And this is where he stands now, looking like a headless horse-deer creature… but I still like him. I had the idea to make a metal head for him and may lean into the more deer-like body and give him antlers. Either way, I am excited to get more done soon.

Tumnus Moran Little Horse and Tree 6

What’s Playing- I’m sorry, I had to. Try to get Black Horse And The Cherry Tree out of your head today 🙂

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