Illustrator: Mary Dimova

If anyone knows me well enough they would know who my favorite artist is. If you thought of Alphonse Mucha you would correct! Although the topic of the day is not about him, it is about an artist that has adopted some techniques from Mucha into her owe unique style.

Mary Dimova is a digital artist from Chisinau, Moldova. She states in her website that her style consist of feminine figure and rich refined details. She likes to give all her pieces a whimsical mood and she is always on the look out to try new likes in her art.

I must say Dimova’s art style is a beautiful result of art influencing other artists. The hair reminds me so much of how Mucha drew his. There are many tips that artist tell each other to do like practice often, and looking at reference (which are both important steps) but every artist should have other artists that inspire them and spark motivation within them. For me Dimova is upon those artist that give me drive.

I was absolutely blown away with her rendering ability. She draws primarily on tablet which is not apparent at first glance. She sketches the idea of her drawing first, and then refines the sketch into a rough draft. After adjustments are made, the next step she does is line her final draft. She hides the sketch layers and creates another layer on the bottom of the line art and colors and shades her piece. Dimova has a skillful eye and hand allows her to perform these artistic feats. The feelings I get from looking at her art is familiarity, amazement, and inspiration.

You can follow her on Instagram for time lapses videos, finish art work, progress images, and links to her store. I hope you enjoyed learning about this artist just as much as I loved blogging about her!

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