Throw Back Thursday

Hello Everyone! We have reached the month of August. And for this post I thought to do a throw back Thursday post showing some of my favorite photo’s I’ve taken from the spring semester, as the fall semester is slowly creeping up. The classes I took in the spring were Intermediate Photography, Alternative Digital Imaging and, Negative and Reversal Color Pr.

For Intermediate Photography, we did a lot of different photography genres. For each project we had to choose a specific theme. Here is one of my favorite projects we did!

B&W Portrait Photogrpahy

I had so much fun photographing these wonderful ladies. Each had their own personality and made the shoot very fun. They also brought their ideas on how they were going to pose and how I should take their picture. These images where taken on my Nikon DSLR camera and converted them into black and white. My inspiration with these phots was by Richard Avedon. I loved how he took pictures of his models in black and white with a white background. I found this very simple and did not distract the main subject, the model.

In Alternative Digital Imaging, we done a lot of amazing and interesting projects. Like cyanotypes, which I still do before summer ends!

Infrared Photogrpahy

Our class took a trip to the Dunmore Cemetery, and our teacher had an Infrared camera to use. If you don’t know what Infrared is, it’s a film or image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light. She let us walk around and take pictures and the results blew me away! The whole scenery changed! In the first image the camera changed the green sprouting leaves into white!

For the last class, Negative and Color pr. It was mostly online so the teacher gave me ideas or told me to photograph certain colors! But i’m going to share my favorite color images that which we used and turned it into a book!

The spring semester was fun and so much photographing! I cannot wait for this semester taking two fun and interesting photography classes that I can’t wait to share!

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