A Touch of Nature

Last weekend I went to Ricketts Glen State Park. I was surrounded by nature and got to see some beautiful waterfalls. I’ve mentioned before that there is art in nature but it’s also important to realize that nature can also inspire art.

There are patterns and colors in nature that can be portrayed through art. Nature has often sparked an idea or two for me.

I think nature is especially useful in printmaking because you can literally use nature to make prints. For example, leaves can be used to create textures on a print and can serve as a stamp for decoration or composition purposes. Any fruits and vegetables can also be used to create patterns and textures in artworks.

The trees, rocks, plants, and even the bugs that bit me gave me a very important reminder. Although you may not be able to completely capture the beauty of nature, as long as what you’re making makes you happy then that is a beautiful thing.

Next time you’re surrounded by nature keep an open mind and maybe even bring a note or sketch book with you just in case.

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