Make A List & Check It Twice

Hello lovelies!  Is everyone excited for school to start next week? I know I am! This summer was a roller coaster, starting at one job, leaving that job, scrambling to find a new job, and I can finally say that I found my niche. 

Over the years I have been really trying to improve my time management skills. A lot of times I say “yes” and overextend myself and unfortunately my performance suffered because of it. My new art director gave me an amazing tip. “If it’s a no say no because if you say yes, and can’t perform it’s more frustrating than if you had just said no.” 

I found the best way to help organize my time management is to bring it back to pen and paper! I got a little note pad that has individual lines and boxes and it created the perfect to do checklist. For me, being able to see what my day or week holds because of this check list allows me to see if I can add more to my plate. It also helps me prioritize the projects based on when it is due, the more important it is, the top of the list it sits! This way I can ensure that I am getting the entire project complete, and only when I am 100% satisfied can I check it off my list. 

So with school coming up, I recommend everyone designer and artist alike, find a system that boosts your productivity and time management. There are tons of different options too, but just make sure you find one! Also remember not to over exert yourself. Say no if you have to, and remember to pencil in a break! Now go get them and rock this school year!

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