A Walk in the Park

I find that parks are great places to exercise, spend some time with friends or by yourself, and either find inspiration, take pictures, or sketch. You can do whatever you want in a park and it’s a nice activity if you don’t know what else to do.

The other day, a few of my friends and I went into New York City to have lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup, enjoy some art at the Frick Collection and hang out for the day. Once we were finished walking through the museum, we decided to take a walk around Central Park. I wish I had my sketchbook with me at the time because it was a gorgeous day and the scenery was amazing. Fortunately I had my phone and enough camera storage to take a bunch of pictures of the nature around me.

I intended to take several pictures at the Frick Collection, but unfortunately was not able to due to the policy of the museum. The pictures I was able to capture at the park definitely made up for the missed ones. There are many times where I am unable to take out a sketchbook and create studies from my surroundings. Those are the times were I take as many pictures I can take so I can look at them later and put them in a folder for inspiration later on. Central Park had many interesting scenes that I was able to take pictures of while I was walking with my friends. Various trees, the lake by the boathouse, and the different structures such as arches and bridges made great scenes for these pictures I was able to take quickly as we kept walking aimlessly through an art student’s wonderland of inspiration.

Since the city is so close to me, I hope to go back one day during the summer and lay out a blanket with a few friends so I can sketch for a few hours with all the beautiful scenery around me. There is never a lack of subjects in a park. All around you can see plants, animals and people moving around creating an ever changing scene that makes each sketch or photograph interesting.

Parks are truly amazing places where you can get that fresh air and inspiration on a nice sunny day. You can either go with a group of people or just by yourself and spend the day relaxing and having fun. I hope to go to more parks over the summer break so I can sketch and take amazing photographs while getting out of the stuffy house and feeling that summer breeze.

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