A Year in Review

With the upcoming fall semester just less than a month away, I felt that it would be a good time to review what I have made last year and set my goals for the upcoming school year.


I began my first semester at Marywood just one short year ago and first dipped my toes into the art department with only a class in basic drawing. I came into the class feeling that I might be bored and that it would be too easy but I was definitely proven wrong.


I spent the fall semester working only with graphite and charcoal and exploring the idea of creating visually stimulating compositions while also drawing only from observation.


The next semester, (Spring 2019) I dove head first into a half full schedule of art classes and absolutely loved it. I was taking art history and finally understanding the ideas behind artists’ work and taking three dimensional design and finally stepping into my first painting class.


When it came time for my 3D class, I once again closed my mind to it, believing that I was not going to enjoy sculpting one bit and that I definitely was not going to be a tiny bit decent at it.


It ended up being my absolute favorite class of both of my semesters at Marywood thus far. I had just been introduced to an entirely different way of approaching artwork and I have never been so challenged and mentally stimulated by it. I ended up putting most of my time and effort outside of class hunched over my desk in my room or late at night in the studios, long after the security guards locked up the buildings for the night.


Since then, I have definitely considered a minor in sculpture because of how much I truly loved it.


Finally, taking my first painting class at Marywood was quite challenging. I felt that I was already a bit nervous to take it because I wanted painting to be my favorite class since it is my major. And although it was not the class I looked the most forward to last semester, I found that it was extremely rewarding when I began to apply the techniques that my professor was teaching me and even achieve some of the results I was looking for in my art work using a type of paint I had never touched before. (Oils)


This school year taught me that I can not confine myself to just one medium, especially because I wish to pursue a career in art education. But by limiting myself to just painting, I had closed myself off from a world of possibilities in other mediums. I look forward to this semester and all that it has to offer, especially for my graphic design class, as it is another thing I had closed off from doing.



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