Ballpoint, Thank You

This week I did not draw too much. I am still using the ballpoint pen and continue to be fascinated by what it can do.

I have been writing a few thank you letters and at the bottom, I have been including something relevant to the person that I will be sending them to.


This drawing was based off of a photo of Johnny Cash. I did not have enough room at the bottom of the paper to draw the whole thing, so I had to improvise. I drew the guitar up higher and attempted to make the man look as if he is shrugging a bit with the guitar. I like how this came out; proportions are a bit off, but it’s not perfect.


As for this drawing of the fly fisherman, I did not put as much shadowing or detail into it. Making the man anonymous, I placed a dark shadow underneath his hat. The last additions to the drawing were the pipe and the fly on his line. I had the brief thought that it would be a bit tough for the receiver of the letter to see what the man was doing, so I added both.


My last note included a cowboy, with a photograph of John Wayne for reference. I went further with shadows in this drawing, really emphasizing the right side of his face and the shadow cast on his shoulder. My favorite part of this drawing is his hat.

I have always tattempted to draw something at the bottom of any thank you, etc. but these have to be my favorite by far.

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