Struggles of a Working Artist

Hello everyone, this week I wanted to blog about something a little bit more serious and real within the arts world. I say this because not only graphic designers experience this. Whether you’re a painter, designer, sculptor etc we all experience the dreaded statement “Your prices are too high” or “That work only takes a few moments, I can do it myself”. 

I understand times can be tough, but this is our livelihood, this is what pays our bills. Our prices may seem high because looks are deceiving. Even posting a simple Instagram photo in hopes to increase conversions takes time, thought, and research. Even painting an oil painting takes time.

“Well, I can get this cheaper at target” Yes, you can. However that work is mass produced, it’s not personal. You will be like the other 100,000 people that bought that same “painting”. We set our prices with our time, resources and value in mind. We don’t just randomly create a number. Please remember the quality, originality, and overall beauty of what you get when you choose an artist. 

As for the “its so easy I can do it” argument, that’s a different ball game. I studied graphic design in a higher education for four years. Some projects came easily while others I would be awake at 3am stressing over it because it was not perfect. During that time we really focused on the different programs and creating exceptional work. There are websites now that are incredibly user friendly that allow you to just drag and drop, or allow you to just use a template, but the problem with that is the work will not be unique. It is not doing your brand justice. There will always be some kind of disconnect. Even with the template people are surprised how much time it takes to create even a basic portfolio website.  

So please, before you ask for free work, or say our prices are too high, remember this post and go support your local artists and designers!

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