For the past few weeks, somehow I’ve finally found some free time to work on some of my personal projects rather than just my work for school.

I’ve always been really inspired by nature and the colors found in nature and I have a collection of photos I’ve taken over the years of beaches, sunsets/sunrises and trees or leaves.

I decided to use one of my sunset photographs as inspiration for my next painting and was planning on practicing my skills and creating a landscape, but once I had the paint brush in hand I ended up just painting with strokes of color and pattern in relation to the photo.

Once I felt like I no longer wanted to add to the painting I created, I felt obligated to make another but this time in watercolor. And then I made a third painting also in watercolor.

I felt really inspired by the colors I was seeing and wanted to intertwine the two water colors and I ended up cutting up one of the paintings and actually weaving it into the other watercolor.

As an artist, I have always been drawn to the most possible color I could come up with in one piece and personally I’m really happy with the way that these paintings came out, and am considering doing more.

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