Academic Symbiosis

One very characteristic thing about Marywood that I’ve come to notice is the willingness of the faculty to cooperate across departments. There is a kind of academic symbiosis within each discipline that I am not sure works as seamlessly in larger institutions. Whether it is a small group working together to put on an event for Marywood students or the public, or enabling and supporting their students who choose to work as inter-disciplinarians themselves, the professors and administration bend over backwards to see their students thrive in areas about which they are truly passionate. And really, two heads are better than one. When we can collectively lift each other up, why wouldn’t we… “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” right?

Just this past week, I myself got an opportunity to do a little project with a Communication Arts student and fellow blogger, Brigid Edmunds. Brigid is currently taking a Documentary Film-Making course and offered to create a short, one to two minute package about my work in the ceramics studio, and I was quick to take her up on it. What better way to show my readers what a day in the studio is like than to actually show you on film?! It was a little nerve-wracking while “performing,” knowing that I was being recorded and that the clip would be seen by so many, but she did a wonderful job showcasing the experience of working with clay as well as my own personal experience, and in such little time! Check it out:

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    1. I would love to! You should join us then too if you like! I just gave a couple of other classmates some tips and tricks, so I’ll be a well greased machine for a tutorial or two. Glad you liked the post!

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