Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function may be a principal that stems from modernist architecture, but it plays a pretty large role in my process while making art. The three F’s guide me and my sculpture and allow freedom, but also provide me with boundaries. When one is making art it is always important to consider the message and purpose of the piece first, and then use that reasoning to determine the size, shape, color, etc..

A good composition is the basis for any successful piece of art. This determines whether or not it makes sense and if people are going to be interested it in or simply take a glance and walk away. As beginning artists it’s a bit difficult to think that a really good idea for an underlying meaning isn’t enough to make a stellar work of art. Content is very important, but not always enough. If you want to create something that dominates space, you must first consider how it will live in the space. Furthermore, one should always remember; every single detail counts.

When I work, I first find the base or a beginning to a sculpture. After I’ve found the base, worked it to a shape I’m comfortable with, I then begin to consider other elements. It is then with the newly introduced elements that the sculpture continues to be compositional and also begins to tell the story I want it to. Each piece takes on a life of its own within its intended space. My intention is to always design objects that make space comfortable and sensible for the viewer. My desire is for my creations to have the ability to coexist purposefully with everything else in ones life.

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