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Welcome back everyone! This week I have some BIG news. I am just through my first week at a new internship. It is soooo exciting. I am working as a Graphic Design Intern at ACI Worldwide Headquarters in Naples, FL. Florida has brought me a lot of opportunities but this is by far the coolest yet.

So to start ACI Worldwide is a universal payments company that has offices all over the world. I am lucky enough to be interning at the headquarters. This internship really made me step out of my comfort zone and introduced me to new things.

When I began I wondered how could this company relate to graphic design, what would I be doing? So far it has been a lot of unique tasks that I was expecting but a lot of fun to learn new things.

What I love most about internships is for the most part you don’t know what to expect. When at school you are used to longer time periods to work and assistance from everyone around you. With an internship you get to learn a lot and learn to be an independent worker. Everything goes fast and its amazing to learn new things. It is like applying yourself to the real world before you get there so you get the chance to gain some real world knowledge.

I am excited to see what this internship has to offer. I hope to gain some new skills and knowledge. This internship is a lot different than the ones I have had in the past. It is a much larger company and a whole different style of designing. I love it!

So for the next month catch me in business casual at ACI World Wide in Naples. It’s a lot better than sweat pants in Scranton. Wish me luck and I will be sure to keep you posted.


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