Summer Project

About a year ago, I picked up a new hobby. A few friends went out to pick up a pyrography, or wood burning, kit. I decided to try it out as well and got my own kit. Ever since, I’ve been creating small designs for Christmas ornaments, wall art, and other small things for friends and family. The wood I typically use is flat and has unfinished edges. However, this summer I will have the opportunity to burn something a little more interesting. 

A while back, my grandfather gave my dad an old yoke that was used to plow fields. It has been sitting in our garage ever since. Dad decided he wanted to make a summer project out of it by cleaning it up and possibly creating a little design on it. He offered the idea of possibly wood burning a design he had in mind, which I was more than happy to help with. 

As of now, there isn’t much done. We are still working on sanding it down, but we are getting close to the point where we can start the design. 


Want to learn more about pyrography? Check out this great tutorial by Jeremy Anderberg!

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