Advanced Advertising & Illustration: Project 1

Hello everyone! This week I handed in my first project for my Advanced Advertising and Illustration class. For the project we had to photograph an object with a reflective surface. After I handed in my project we had a class critique of everyone’s work.

Before I was able to go into the photography studio on campus and take a photograph of a reflective object my professor went over the objective, procedure, and the grading of the project.

The main objective of the project was to acquire the skills necessary to light and photograph a subject that is very reflective or highly polished in a studio using a diffused light. Along with the objective my professor also included some examples of reflective objects that we could photograph. The examples included chrome, silver, and brass objects.

For this project I photographed three different objects that I thought had a reflective surface. The first object that I photographed was a statue of a horse that was a light pink in color with a glossy finish. The second object that I photographed was a ceramic John Deere mug that was also light pink in color. The third object that I photographed was a candle holder with bird and branch cut outs on the sides of it, once again it was light pink in color. I didn’t notice my color choice until I got into the photography studio and began to photograph these objects.

Since all of my objects were the same light pink color I decided to photograph them on blue seamless paper. By shooting them on the blue seamless paper I hoped to create a contrast between the pink and the blue.

I presented the photograph below to my professor to be critiqued during class. My professor liked how I had the lighting, he just wished that I cropped it down so it was more towards the size of an 8×10 print. He also said that the candle competed with the holder so I should crop half of it out so its not so competitive.

Before Critique

After the class critique I went and fixed my photograph based on what I was told during the critique. I opened my photograph in Adobe Photoshop and cropped it to where my professor told me to crop it to. The photograph below is the final outcome of my first Advanced Advertising and Illustration Project.

After Critique

That’s all for this week. I will talk to you all next time!

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