Getting Into The Rhythm

Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about movement! Specifically we’re getting into Kinetic Typography with After Effects. So what is Kinetic Typography? Simply Typography that moves/ is animated. This was yet another project for my Graphic Arts where the goals was to simply animate a small clip of audio which is meant to strengthen my understanding of After Effects. Kinetic Typography is present in practically every digital ad, trailer or show there is. The way type flows and is animated will highly reflect the attitude the consumer will feel with the product begin shown

I had chosen a short clip from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” for this product because the inflections and word play they used really give me liberties in animating the type into something entertaining and funny

This product is personally my favorite so far this semester and the one I feel was done best not only in craftsmanship but in reinforcing a advanced understanding of After Effects and the 12 principles of animation. This class will also have a project involving Animate so this was a good warm up to practicing some principles and hopefully in a later post I will compare this and the following project to see if I improved.

Hope you enjoyed!

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