Advanced Painting First Friday Show!

This past Friday my classmates and I participated in an art show for this month’s First Friday event! the event was held at 200 Adams Ave. in what will soon be apartments, I say ‘soon be’ because the place was an active construction site that was cleared out for one night in order for us to show our work in order to give us painters exposure as well for the apartment complex to gain a little advertising. I will admit that I was a little more than skeptical when my friends and I rolled up for set-up to see that they weren’t lying, the place was an actual ACTIVE construction site. Men in hard hats using big scary machines and all! But as they finished up their days of work and made way for us to being hanging our paintings on the walls I was amazed to see how great it looked! the whole venue had this sort of outsider art, gritty vide that made one think of how the art scene in 1980s New York musta looked as guys like Basquiat were showing their work to the public.

By far the best part of the show was having the opportunity to show off some of Marywood’s finest together and having all our hard work recognized by the community! I’ve only ever had solo displays in past first Fridays and they were all well and good but sharing the night with friends and fellow artists will always be far superior in my mind. Its my belief that artists should always stick together because it could be a cold world for aspiring painters so we’ve got to support each other whenever we can. However, the free food and drink certainly was a highlight as well! All in all it was a great night and i cannot wait for more opportunities to have a group showing to come my way!

Below are just a few of picture taken from the show, I would have loved to snag a few more but I was honestly having so much fun that I forgot to take more !

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