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This past Friday, I had some time to really sit and ponder. I noticed myself gathering quite a few ideas, which I wrote down immediately. I also went through a few magazines I had for additional inspiration. I always tear out quotes, words, and pictures that are appealing to me. When I was looking through my one Glamour magazine, I came across this advertisement for Herbal Essences shampoo. I was immediately drawn to the “crazy for coconuts” text and image. I love, love, love the colors that are paired together in that little section. I love the palm leafs and flowers as well, all reminding me of beachy vibes, which makes me feel warm and happy. The text “let life in” also grabbed my attention because of my personal belief of enjoying every bit of life. For a simple advertisement of shampoo, I felt connected and highly inspired by. From this advertisement I was able to come up with a painting.

inspired painting from herbal essences adI came up with this layout prior to painting except for the square larger section. I thought to have the vertical lines going across the entire canvas but changed my mind after looking at the three on the left. I liked the way they looked on their own together, there was something that felt beyond pleasing to my eye. I also made the decision to add the light blue vertical line at the end instead of making it that sandy tan color. There needed to be some sort of color pop. Glitter magically did make its way onto the canvas as well. There was no intent prior but I felt it would not be a true “Tiffany painting” without it.

Looking at the painting thus far, I feel something pleasing and warm. I am very happy with what I see and the feelings I get when looking at this painting. The big question, however, is it finished? Should I even add more? What could I do in order to keep this happiness and feelings I receive when looking at the painting? I think for right now I will leave it just as it is. Maybe I’ll go back to it in time and know exactly what to do when the time comes but as of now, I shall leave it and that is what I believe the beauty of painting is.

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