Advertising & Illustrative Photography

Welcome to all new students to Marywood and welcome back to all returning students! Another school year has started and I’m super pumped for the classes I have in store! I’m especially excited to be sharing with you the photography class I will be taking this semester and all the interesting topics we will be discussing as well as the projects we will be working on.

The class, Advertising and Illustrative Photography, will focus on the “production of photographs for advertising and magazine illustration.” We will work in both studio and natural lighting while handling a variety of products. I expect to learn how to effectively and accurately display a product for an advertisement, as well as improve my skills as a photographer. I’m excited to learn how to photograph in studio lighting as I’ve primarily worked in natural lighting in the past. And I hope to be able to incorporate this class into my graphic design skills in the future.

I look forward to being able to share with you within these coming weeks whether my expectations and my hopes for this class will be met.

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