A Welcome to the New Illustration Majors

(As well as all the other art majors!)

This week we started classes once again! Really you have a lot to look forward to! While I know this is a scary time, you’ve got more independence, you may be away from home for the first time, or you may even be at home but are scared of what college has to offer you. I’ve been at this whole school thing for a while, and while I do admit the first week nerves don’t get much better even after a few semesters, you’re going to love your major!

There will always be times that you are unsure, where you are scared about having chosen something your parents may insist has no jobs (Hint: you can do so many cool things in an art major related field!). But the teachers and students are all great people who love art, and who have been where you have been! A lot of the art assignments might even seem to be too daunting, however always remember the tried and true fact that if you stay true to yourself, you’ll make it far!

Art is what you love ♥, so stick to it, and work hard! It’ll what gets you places! If you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Good luck, you guys got this!

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