Fall Lists

As my last first semester of my MFA begins, I find myself feeling very ready to dive right into projects in my studio again. However, I have a few to-do’s to take care of to get my space (and life, more generally) in order before anything else can happen.

Here’s what this week in the studio is looking like for me:

  • Clear out studio cabinets: My studio space was shifted around a bit over the summer, so I have to figure out a new system for storing work from last semester while keeping it accessible for referencing current projects. Life as a 3D artist is especially difficult in this respect, so I might finally break down and start an art Instagram to digitally catalogue my progress.
  • Replenish materials: I have a few boxes full of supplies and new casting mediums/forms that I’ve been hoarding at home all summer and cannot wait to use.
  • Make list of materials I need: because once I’m unpacked, I’m sure I’ll be forgetting something (and who doesn’t love a list within a list?)
  • Set up a more productive schedule: I want to produce A LOT more work this semester, so setting up a timeline of my daily tasks would be helpful for me. In theory, at least…

So when I’m all done with my fall lists, it should be about time for a “Spring Lists” post.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018

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