Advice for Art Majors

I know one thing all art majors have experienced is the look we get when people find out that we’re art majors. At this point, it’s pretty entertaining to see their reactions. I’ve even had people directly tell me to change my major because graphic design was “useless,” and honestly, it’s not a great feeling to hear that.

Many people don’t understand the importance of art, and how it’s incorporated in our daily lives. Many others assume that art majors just “aren’t smart enough” to do other things. Regardless of why some people think these things, they’re wrong.

Art in general is so important in all aspects of society. It’s a means of expression and creativity, and it’s a way for people to show pieces of themselves in new ways. Art is a huge part of people’s lives, including my own.

So next time someone dismisses you because of your major, or tells you that it’s a bad idea, just ignore them. Don’t let other people get you down; instead show them that they’re wrong because art is important, and so are you!

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