The Big Apple

It has been a long time since I have gone to New York City and I have been dying to go back soon. One semester I had to go on a trip with my painting class and we visited the Chelsea Gallery District. Well this was the first time I was ever in Chelsea, to be honest, I actually never heard of it before. But this visit was absolutely amazing! My friend Ashley and I were amazed at the types of galleries we went to and I believe we had a hard time choosing which gallery was our favorite. It was a tie between “The Shrine to Foodism” and a photo realism gallery.

In “The Shrine to Foodism,” every person coming in to see the art had to take off their shoes and it was a “Shrine” to larger than life pieces of food! These pieces of food were so realistic and absolutely wonderful.  I never thought I would go into a gallery that required me to have no shoes on!

Now the photo realism gallery actually blew my mind! I know I could never do art so detailed and perfect! I really felt like I was looking at photographs! And the scale of these panting were the size of the gallery walls. I think Ashley and I were both in awe. I wanted to get as close as possible to these painting. If I could have touched them to know if they were real I would have in a heartbeat. I want to go back to the Chelsea Gallery District in a heartbeat. I think everyone should experience it sometime in their life. And yes all three of these bottom picture are actual paintings!

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