Advice for Future Freshmen

I’m getting ready to pack my bag to head back to Marywood on Sunday as an Orientation Leader. I’m so excited to meet the incoming freshmen, and this week I wanted to offer some advice to the new art students before they start their first semester at the end of  August.

1.  Sketch every day. Make it a part of your routine. Don’t worry about making it a masterpiece. Jot an idea down or do a study in between classes. Write notes in your sketchbook or include inspirational quotes.

2. Don’t buy supplies just yet. Wait until you talk with your professors for the first class. They’ll usually have a handout or tell you what you will need. Although you can buy basic supplies if you want like a sketchbook, hold off on specific supplies until after the first day.


My First Friday group

3. Go to First Friday in Scranton. I started going with my friends my second semester and I wish I started going sooner. It’s great to see different perspectives and approaches. It’s also a great way to be inspired. The Friday during the first week of school just so happens to be a First Friday, so go out and see some amazing local art!

4. Be a part of Michaels or A.C. Moore rewards or better yet both. Both stores accept competitor’s coupons and sometimes one store will have a product the other one doesn’t. Keep in mind both stores will not accept percent off entire purchase coupons. See their coupon policies on their websites for more information. (Michaels) (A.C. Moore)

5. Don’t feel like you have to know how to do everything as soon as you get here. You’re here to learn. Nobody will expect you to be perfect and know everything on day one.

exterior picture of the Met Museum

From the Fall trip to NYC

6. Go on the art department bus trips! They’re a really great way to get off campus and see different galleries and museums in places like Philadelphia and New York City.

7. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Everyone enters at different levels. Some high school art programs are really great and some are nonexistent. Just keep working and push yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll improve over your first year.

8.Visit the galleries on campus! Try to go to the gallery openings too. It’s yet another great opportunity to view amazing art.

9. Be open to trying new mediums! I never used oil paints before college and I wasn’t sure if I would like them. They’re now one of my favorite mediums to work with!

10. Everything goes by quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be going home for winter break. Make the most of your first year and enjoy it!

See you at Orientation!


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