The Importance of a Sketchbook

For this week’s post, I am changing my direction. I am taking a break from the art making and focusing in on how it all comes about! Due to the crazy holiday week/weekend both my jobs have consumed a majority of my time so my art making had to take a spot on the back burner. However, that did not completely take a toll because if I am not home creating, I am out thinking and getting inspired.

I always like to keep a sketchbook on me at all times and if I happen to not have one, I’ll write or draw on just about any sort of paper! I take my ideas seriously and to heart even if I am not hundred percent sure where the idea will take me, I still make the effort to jot it down. For me, my sketchbook is a safe place to store my ideas. A place where impossible ideas come to life. That is the true beauty of it! Not only is my sketchbook a place for my drawings but my writing as well. For every drawing there is a description. That description is every little thought that went into the idea and continues to grow as I go on to produce that idea. I am always sure to include my feelings/mood because for me that plays such an important factor when creating. Creating is my way of expressing and discovering myself so I always make an effort to write down those feelings. Writing also helps me organize my thoughts for later especially when I know I have to discuss my work in person. It is always nice referring back to my sketchbook! Sometimes it can be difficult keeping up and maintaining a sketchbook especially only one. I have a few I jump from but at the end of the day I know having at least one solid sketchbook always helps me in the long run!


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